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    Call Names is a contact network where individuals , groups and businesses can create an easy to remember name that's linked to all of their contact information like phone numbers, e-mails, social networks ID's and even their physical addresses and share it with their acquaintances and prospects.
    Call Names users are able to maintain all their contact information in one place and keep it up to date. Whenever a user moves, change phone number, email, or jobs, she needs to update it only at a single place. All of her friends and acquaintances will be able to access her latest contact information from the Call Names platform.
    Call Names also allows users to aggregate their contacts' info from multiple social network sites as well as the Call Names platform , so that their phonebook is always up-to-date by the contact owners.
    Contact groups, business groups can create a Call Names List and share it with group members or prospect customers. Lists could be a company's employees or department directory .
    Lists could also be an easy way to classify a big sports club with multiple levels, age groups and gender, where lists makes it easy to get to a team manager or a coach by just remembering the team name or level and age group.
    In nutshell, Call Names creates a very simple platform where users can create, lookup, exchange and share contacts information similar to an invitation-based social network that is focused on contact information of its users . Businesses and users control what contact info to share and when.
    Let your CallName tell your story. Pick up a CallName to express yourself , your favorite celebrity, your sports affiliation or your political orientation.

    Businesses can create a CallName that corresponds to their brand . Customers can reach them easily by calling their brand instead of a toll free numbers or a short code.

    Download the free app and register your CallName for free ! Share it with your friends and family, and experience a new way to connect with people. Look up a friend or a business. Then call them or send them a text message without a need to find their number.

    Call Names provides you a full control on your phone numbers. Next time you move to a new area code or change your phone numbers, you won't need to update all your contacts. Simply, login to your account and change your phone number, and people can still reach you using the same CallName!

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