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    This fun app is the ultimate social party taboo style game that is now available on android. If you are familiar with Charades, Catch Phrase and other similar word games then Can't Say That is for you. Play with friends and family anywhere and any time. No need to carry around a deck of cards and write scores and track the time, now its all in one device. The game requires a minimum of 4 players to play.

    * 350+ cards.
    * Randomized decks, reshuffled at the start of each game
    * Fun graphics
    * Audio tones
    * Multiple decks
    * New words and decks are frequently added

    Can't Say That is a social card game with multiple card decks to choose, ranging from biblical, standard to math decks. The math card deck can also be used as an educational learning tool to teach math vocabulary to students. Can't Say That is great for both kids and adults to play. The biblical deck is perfect for bible study and other related events. Can't Say That can be used to make education and learning fun for students.

    An even number of players from four to ten sit alternating around in a circle. Players take turns as the "giver," who attempts to prompt his or her teammates to guess as many keywords as possible in the allotted time. However, each card also has "taboo" (forbidden) words listed which may not be spoken. Should the giver say one, a "censor" on the opposing team hits the buzzer and the giver must move on to the next word. For example, the giver might have to get his or her team to deduce the word "baseball" without offering the words "sport," "game," "pastime," "hitter," "pitcher," or "baseball" itself as clues. The giver may not say a part of a "taboo" word;[4] for example, using "base" in "baseball" is taboo. The giver may only use speech to prompt his or her teammates; gestures, sounds (e.g. barking), or drawings are not allowed. Singing is permitted, provided the singer is singing words rather than humming or whistling a tune. The giver's hints may not rhyme with a taboo word, or be an abbreviation of a taboo word.

    While the giver is prompting the teammates they may make as many guesses as they want with no penalties for wrong guesses. Once the team correctly guesses the word exactly as written on the card, the giver moves on to the next word, trying to get as many words as possible in the allotted time. When time runs out, play passes to the next adjacent player of the other team. The playing team receives one point for correct guesses and one penalty point if "taboo"
    words are spoken.

    (from wikipedia

    Can't Say That is not associated with Hasbro's Taboo, Tabu, Tabù products, registered trademarks.

    If you have any suggestions about the game, please contact the developer at

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    Paul Harry

    by Paul Harry

    Jan 01, 2015  |  "Awesome"

    Please send some more games

    limlim roseval

    by limlim roseval

    Sep 11, 2014  |  "Good"

    Its cool

    Brandon Burkhammer

    by Brandon Burkhammer

    Aug 22, 2013  |  "Good"

    Time Consumer!