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    ChatiPie is a simple One-Stop social networking and podcasting platform where users can communicate via not only texts but also short voice messaging that could be broadcast as standalone audio messages or as commentary over pictures or documents.

    ChatiPie crews can be created to group users into categories like "friends, co-workers, family" etc. Once ChatiPie crews are created, users can collaboratively communicate directly with each other via typed, audio, hand written messages on message board. Message boards are only visible to members of a ChatiPie crew.
    User can send voice messages to select circles on ChatiPie, broadcast ChatiPie message to facebook profile, email ChatiPie messages directly to recipients.
    Voice it messages can also be sent in form of audio comments over slide shows (pictures)
    Recipients of ChatiPie messages can respond with texts, short audio messages, texts, draw, or hand write on message board.

    Application features

    #User Audio status.
    #Group & one-on-one chat.
    #Advance user search.
    #Chat Alerts On/off.
    #Background changes.
    #Audio commentary on images.
    #Photos view in 3d gallery.
    #User can upload and share images.
    #Top Users displayed On DashBoard.
    #Chat with text,image,audio messages.
    #Create crews with friends, family and acquaintances.
    #Send user invites via Facebook & email to share ChatiPie with others.
    #Save image and audio files in sd card.
    #Impress your friend with your audio status.

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