ChuraChara Land




    Lovely characters convey your feeling by E-mail on everyday either or special day!

    "ChuraChara Land" is a very good application.
    This application will be the better communication tool with a friend, a sweetheart, etc.

    What's "ChuraChara"??
    "ChuraChara" is a character born in Okinawa.
    There are a lot of characters in Okinawa.

    Usage is easy! 
    Just a message input to the balloon!Can be posted on SNS!
    This application is enjoyable just seeing Because will be have a lot of variety facial expressions!
    We would like to increase of characters and facial expressions.
    Please waiting for us :)
    Please add rapidly comments!!We will wait for your request.

    WEB site

    ※To post SNS, please login in to the setup screen first!

    ※「Send by MMS / Messages」
    The picture will be copied and move to "create new message ".Paste the photo to the input text field and send the message.

    ※「Send by LINE」
    The photos will be save in the album and move to LINE. The next step, press the + button on the left hand side of the input field and the photos in the album will be send.

    ※This application is using the uzura font.(

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