City of Peja




    The City of Peja app connects the citizens of this beautiful city of Peja in Kosovo with the Municipality of Peja and enables them to interact with the Mayor and the City Management and help build an interconnected, informed and collaborative society by enabling the:

    - City Management reach and inform citizens with Instant Announcements and Updates via their mobile devices or the web
    - Citizens to act as information sensors and instantly report issues related to the City or alert others regarding crimes
    - Citizens to ask the Mayor a question instantly and get a direct response
    - Instantly notify citizens with alerts, advisories and guidance related to Public Safety and Health
    - Provide Instant Help and support for teens and other citizens in need and who may prefer anonymity
    - Audiences at Public Events venues to instantly engage with you or with other event attendees
    - Neighborhoods and Citizen Groups to collaborate on various community initiatives, programs and activities
    - Direct engagement between citizens and local businesses to Encourage Local Commerce

    Download this app today to instantly connect and engage with the City management and other Citizens.

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