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    Close To Me is an application for Android aimed to find new friends on Facebook using bluetooth.
    You can use it to enlarge your "Graph".
    Close To Me collects bluetooth name and mac address of devices it founds when makes a scan.
    It is possible to make a manual scan or an automatic scan performed at regular intervals.
    It is not necessary to be connected to Internet to make it works.
    Internet is needed only to find new friends on Facebook.
    So you can collect bluetooth information even where no networks are available.
    All the information are stored inside an SQLite database.
    Some simple functions to manage the database are provided.
    After a scan, or manually, through the button on the main screen, if internet is available, the search for new friends on Facebook is performed.
    Following is explained how Close To Me is able to find new friends on Facebook.
    To avoid battery draining no bluetooth pairing is performed (also because it is not necessary), the mac address should be necessary to do all the things.
    Unfortunately, as far as I know, it is not possible to add a new field on Facebook's tables, and also fql queries can be performed only on indexable fields.
    So, to be able to find persons on Facebook, Close To Me uploads a picture of a QR barcode inside the application's album. This process returnes a unique number which will be used as the bluetooth name of the phone on which Close To Me is installed.
    This unique numeber is preceded by a tag to understand that on this device is installed Close To Me.
    When a new friend is found on Facebbok, it is added to the main screen and it will possible to visit its profile and ask for friendship.
    When a new friend is found a new activity feed is added to your Facebook profile (this feature can be disabled).
    Close To Me is derived by Hackbook, it uses ZXing lib for QR barcodes. Also some pieces of code are took from BluetoothChat and from ApiDemo and many pieces of source code found on Internet.

    Thanks to everybody who helped me.

    I'm not affiliated with Facebook and all brands are owned by their respective owners.

    Close To Me makes you phone visible to everybody (see below), it stores bluetooh mac addresses of other persons in an SQLite database, and also your mac address will be stored inside databases of other persons.
    Your mac address will remain saved inside other user's database for a potentially infinitive time. It will be removed only if the other user decides to remove it.

    Downloading and using Close To Me you will explicitly accept that your information will be saved in a database. You accept also that you could be found on Facebook by persons who have this application.
    The author of this sofware cannot be kept responsible for misuse of Close To Me.

    There are some other important things to be noticed.
    Close To Me need to set the bluetooth name of your device and this name doesn't have to be modified, otherwise nobody will be able to find you.
    For this reason Close To Me check if you change the name of your device and in this case it brings it back to the name it needs.
    Since on Android (at least before version 4, as far as I know) it is not possible to leave your bluetooth always visible, Close To Me, try to enable discoverability.
    If you install Close To Me on a rooted phone, everything will works automatically. If the phone is not rooted, Close To Me will ask you to enable the discoverability and it will ask every 300 seconds (I'm sorry).
    As far as I know it is not possible to do it in another way. I will try to remove this big limitation if possible. There are two check boxes, the first is to enable or not the discoverability, if it is not enabled you will be able to find others but nobody will be able to find you.
    The second check box is to ask to enable the discoverability in case your phone is not rooted.

    At the beginning few person will have this application, so, please, first try the free version.

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