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    Coolands for Twitter is a revolutionary twitter client. It has many unique features, gives you the best mobile twitter experience you never imagined before.

    The first unique feature is Real-Time.

    You can’t find any refresh button in this app, because you absolutely don’t need to. Every time you open it, you’ll get the latest tweets and while you’re reading, you’ll get incoming tweets in Real-Time. So if your friend mentioned you, you can reply instantly.

    The second unique feature is Avatar Indicator.

    Avatar Indicator is small avatars showed on the title bar to indicate that you’ve got new message/tweet/mention. Since it’s real-time, you’ll keep getting incoming tweets while you’re reading your older timeline, Avatar-Indicator will let you know who’s tweet you’ve just got, and decide whether to check it out right away.

    The third unique feature is Direct Link

    I think it is obviously the most intuitive and convenient way to open a link. When you want to open a link, just click it in the time line . You can also click a username to open a profile window, click a hash tag to open a search result window. Different kind of links displayed in different colors, you can change it to whatever color you like.

    The fourth unique feature is Smart Bookmark

    Have you ever experienced this scenario? When you are reading your home timeline, the app notified you that you’ve got some new tweets, you click “go-to-top” button to read the newest tweets, and then you want to get back to the previous position to continue your reading. How can you do this? In other twitter clients you have to scroll down all the way to find where you were, a lot of time wasted. But in this app, “go-to-top” button will appear when you scrolling up, click it, you can got to top, read the newest tweets. After that when you scrolling down, Smart Bookmark button will appear at the corner. Click it, you can get back to exactly where you were.

    The fifth unique feature is User Level Notification

    Notification for all your new tweets is meaningless, if you following more than a few users, you’ll get new tweets all the time. What if you only want to be notified when someone you most care about posted a new tweet? In this app, it’s easy. You can change your friend’s notification setting directly in his/her profile screen. You can also set different notification ringtone for your friends respectively. So when you heard a notification ringtone, you’ll know who he/she is without the need to open your phone. And you can manage all the enabled User-Level-Notification settings in one place.

    Also has most of the basic twitter client features, like post/delete tweets, retweet, retweet with comment, reply, quote, send/delete direct message, subscribe/unsubscribe lists, follow/unfollow user, multiple accounts support, append picture with your tweets, mention auto complete, recent search auto complete, conversation view.

    Please give me feedbacks if you have tried it, and I PROMISE to reply all your emails.

    1.30-1.36 update:
    *3 times faster when launching and loading older tweets.
    *Support unlimited accounts rather than 3 accounts.
    *Support notifications for all accounts rather than only for the current account.
    *Improved mention suggestion feature.
    *Use URL link to do RT with comment, so you can comment more characters.
    *Conversation view, click the orange(you can change the color) username in replied tweet to show conversation view.
    *Support longer tweet, longer tweet will be converted to a picture automatically. You really should try it out your self.
    *Refined tweet composing view, to support longer tweet.
    *Support handle text shared by other app.

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