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    This tablet version of CrossPost does not allow SMS directly from the device, and therefore requires a Google Voice account to post to Google+.

    CrossPost lets you post status updates to Facebook and/or Google+ at the same time! It updates Facebook directly through their servers, and updates Google+ by sending SMS (either from your phone directly, or using any Google Voice account).

    Planned future enhancements:
    * Allow user to add a custom list of Google+ circles/people
    * Display most recent post
    * Option to display user's Facebook and/or Google+ feed
    * Make better use of tablet layout

    CrossPost connects directly to Facebook using Facebook's API. Therefore, you will need to grant CrossPost access to post to your wall. The app will ask for those permissions when needed.

    As of now, Google+ has not published any API that will allow posting to your account. They have, however, given you the option to post updates via SMS (text messages).

    You may send a free SMS using any Google Voice account. These options can be configured in the Settings menu.

    CrossPost will make a direct connection to Google's servers to authenticate the login credentials you provide, and send a SMS directly from your Google Voice account. CrossPost does not store or record any login information.

    NOTE: You must register your Google Voice phone number in your Google+ settings. To do so, click the gear icon in the upper right corner of the Google+ web site and choose 'Google+ Settings.' Then, edit the 'Phone' option under 'Set delivery preferences'.

    ALSO NOTE: Google+ automatically sends a reply SMS to whatever number you send from. This SMS is a confirmation that your post was successfully received. As of now, there is now way to stop this, as it requires a change from Google.

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