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    CrowdSurf allows you to manage your social life like never before. Create groups on the app and share media, take polls, group message and plan events. CrowdSurf compiles all of your events across all your groups on to one calendar so you can keep your life organized.

    CrowdSurf was developed with the intention of changing the way we join together. Traditional group messaging has barriers and limits, CrowdSurf does not. Once you define your groups, you can connect to any or all of your friends on the go. We have redefined how one manages their social life. Planning a get together should never take multiple texts/emails/calls or messages. With CrowdSurf, a few clicks take you from an idea to an event on your friends’ calendars in minutes.

    Keep all of your information and groups private, and don’t ever miss out on any of your friend groups:

    Roommates: Keep your bills in check, plan who’s cooking dinner etc.

    College Friends: Stay in touch with your circle of friends, update everyone in one place.

    Co-Workers: Plan a happy hour, stay in touch about the latest work happenings in and out of the office.

    Family: Save yourself the 20 minute phone calls with each family member and update everyone at once.

    Tahoe Trip: Make a group for an upcoming trip or getaway and keep all the information in one place.

    Weekend Warriors: End the week right with your close friends and plan your night out together.

    What’s New in this Version
    Everything! Version 1.0 will change the way you interact with your groups forever.

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