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    DataBuck - Get Your Bucket !

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    You are millions using social network services, storing, sharing your digital contents & stories on remote/external/cloud social services/media. Is your digital life safe enough ?

    DataBuck will save/backup/print/export your timeline statuses and posts.

    This first version includes a backup solution using Twitter API services; more services to come with updates !

    The backup file is formatted in HTML (web page format) so that you can share/print/export your digital correspondances and thoughts !

    You can use a pdf converter or a book printing service to transform your statuses stories into a book story, at your convenience.

    This application tries to answer the question: what will remain from your digital social activities ?

    Our grandmas have a paper album; we have our personal digital contents on externa/cloud services with remote storage with no granted duration/solution !

    Backup you digital contents on long term formats (books, papers/prints, paper/book albums) and fill a real (not virtual) wicker "box/basket" with these contents, your stories for a legacy for the next generation !

    Just use this app as a nice and easy tool to backup and to export in a convenient way your data.

    More services are coming soon.


    -Retrieve your data from your statuses timeline
    -Added the tweet you have replied to (see "=> In reply to" mention)
    -click on link to open selected statuses/friends/users on the web
    -Export your timeline in HTML format (web page format), you will be able to access to all your available tweets (a 3200 statuses limit is imposed to developers from Twitter API)
    - share, print, view your saved data/Tweets at your convenience, the backup file is located under ergsap/databuck folder
    -Photos integration in the backup file and stored in images folder (really nice feature)
    -Use a tool like web2pdf to convert the HTML formatted file, like a book or edit/view html associated file at your convenience on your web browser, using tools at your convenience
    -One folder per user (with images/photos and data associated to the profile); you can manage multiple accounts
    -new rendering for the HTML format

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