Dollar Cat Screen Unlock




    Dollar cat is very popular all over the world.
    People always buy the Dollar cat model to place it in their shops or office which means it could bring good wealth or fortune for them.
    So we develop a screen lock of Dollar Cat for your phone.
    I hope it could bring good luck and good mood for you.


    ---The user interface is very cute and nice looking.
    The Dollar Cat is sitting there quietly on the main interface,smiling and swinging his hand back and forth without stopping.
    Beside him,there is a bag full of dollar and golden coins.
    Please look at the bottom of the main interface.
    There is a golden icon rotating on the left.And on the right there is a wallet to collect it.
    Between them,there is a dynamic arrow to give you a hint.
    So you need to slide the golden icon and put it into the wallet.

    When the golden icon is put into the wallet,the screen is unlocked successfully.

    ---The application also provides your many side functions,including
    >>> Unlock sound effect

    >>>Unlock vibration effect

    >>>Allows full lock screen for better visual effect

    >>>Also allows to expand the status bar for your convenience

    >>>Offers a shortcut key,also called emergency key.You could unlock the screen quickly by the "Find " key.

    In conclusion,this application could help you to lock and unlock your screen.
    Also you could take a new experience of locking and unlocking phone screen.
    The most important is that the screen lock is free to download and install.
    It also prepared two ways to unlock the screen.
    Slide the golden coins to the wallet or long press the "Find " button to unlock.

    No matter what you feel about this screen lock,how about having a try?
    Maybe you will love it instantly and deeply.

    If you have any question,feel free to contact us via email.

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