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    DZero is an app that uses NFC tags to launch you into a conversation about whatever was just tapped, where you are or what you're doing and enables you to add comments, pictures, photos web links and more.

    Only other people who've tapped the same NFC tag (or other tags in the same topic) can participate. So why not leave tags in a hard to reach place or wherever like minded people are likely to see it and know they had to get to where you left the tag to join in your conversation.

    Use DZero to create your own digital graffiti gallery by adding your photos and comments to an NFC tag and stick the tags where people will find them.

    Leave messages for colleagues, friends or family members by sticking a DZero NFC tag on the fridge door or a work surface.

    DZero tags are even being used by those playing Ingress to share intel and photos of prospective portals or simply to lay claim to existing portals.

    Built in write functionality allows the creation of new DZero topics from any NTAG compliant NFC tag. Want to turn every table in a bar into a conversation starter or just leave a single cryptic clue in a hard to reach location then you can.

    Using the 'Hijack' functionality DZero can start a conversation using any NFC tag already out there. Movie posters are becoming NFC enabled so why not Hijack the poster and leave a review.

    Location: NFC stickers / tags / posters can be placed anywhere and by anyone. When a tag is tapped the location of the NFC tag is reported back so we can get a rough idea of what tags are where. We do not track user locations.

    NFC: Needed to be able to read and write NFC tags

    Network: Needed to talk with the servers to read and write information to the NFC tag.

    *** The next version (due in Feb 2013) will include more input types such as ciphertext updates, URL previews and others ***

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