Easy4SQ is an Android application that makes foursquare® check-ins™ easier by automating the process.

    These days we can find open WiFi network almost at every restaurant, market place, shops and even great outdoors. With Easy4SQ you can select each WiFi connection you have saved and map it with a foursquare venue so that the next time you connect to that network, you automatically get checked in to the foursquare venue you chose. You don’t even have to pick up your phone out of your pocket if WiFi is on! It’s that easy!

    The number of venues you can associate is only limited by the WiFi connections you have saved, in other words, unlimited, so you can auto check-in to as many places you want!

    Various settings can be configured per each connection: enable/disable, get notified with/without vibrate, delay check-in, set visibility (private/public/social) or set a custom message.

    You can view your entire history of automatic check-ins within the app, so that you never loose track of the foursquare venues you visited and where you got checked in automatically.

    Note: The automatic check-in only happens the moment your phone connects to a WiFi network you have associated in the application. If you are making the configurations in the application while you have WiFi on you will get auto checked-in only after reconnecting to the same WiFi.

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    Dhennys Pestana

    by Dhennys Pestana

    Aug 02, 2014  |  "Poor"

    maybe this is why it hasnt been updated for a year.

    Jason Radosevich

    by Jason Radosevich

    Dec 03, 2013  |  "Poor"

    There are plenty of places that I go that does not have WiFi. Uninstalling and finding a better app.

    Dmitry Elinzon

    by Dmitry Elinzon

    Oct 28, 2013  |  "Awesome"

    With notifications disabled just misses WiFi connections. Notifications enabled - checks in correctly about 4 of 5 times. Five stars (one in advance, I believe). Galaxy Note 3.

    Phil St John

    by Phil St John

    Oct 23, 2013  |  "Poor"

    I have an account it wont let me log in made a acc with my Facebook account

    Adam Polt

    by Adam Polt

    Aug 21, 2013  |  "Great"

    I use it every day, and it's very effective and non-intrusive. Unfortunately, after setting up a location, until I go into the settings for that location it checks me in multiple times. Once I check, it says once per day and I don't have to change anything, but until I check it, it checks in every time I connect. Would like to see it default to once a day. Would also like to see geofencing for loc

    Tommy Zed

    by Tommy Zed

    Jul 18, 2013  |  "OK"

    Sometimes it checks into a location every hour even though the setting is only once per day... Sometimes it never checks into a location... And sometimes it works. Must have several coding bugs. It's free though, so I don't expect any quick fixes.