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    eDesa for Android allows you to blog and use various services of the e-Desa platform including composing blog posts, managing blog posts, managing comments, viewing image gallery, following others and reading their blog posts; right on your Android devices while you're on the go. The eDesa for Android has the following features:

    1. You can sign in to your existing eDesa account

    2. You can sign up for a new eDesa account right on your Android device if you have not yet got an account

    3. Within your eDesa account on your Android device, you can manage blog posts, sort blog posts by different blogs and different post status including published, draft and trashed.

    4. You can easily edit or trash a blog post by using swiping gesture to swipe across any row of post in the lists of posts of the first tab.

    5. Composing blog post is easy, eDesa for Android comes with built-in rich-text editor which allows you to easily format texts in bold, italic, underline and add hyperlink to your text contents while composing a blog post

    6. You can easily make use of your Android device's capabilities for taking photos with your device's camera to attach to a blog post

    7. You can easily manage comments posted to your blog posts by others. The second tab "comments" allows you to view a list of comments and sort them by different blogs, and different status such as pending, approved and spam. Swiping across any row of the comments presents you with options whether you want to mark a comment as pending, approved or as a spam.

    8. Gallery allows you to have a quick glance of those images that you've uploaded

    9. Following tab/section shows those blog posts posted by those you're following. And you can also view latest and popular blog posts

    10. The "settings" section lets you adjust various preferences including options to receive push notifications of new comments, new blog posts by those you're following, where you can edit your profile and read the support instruction of using the app

    11. The app also allows signed-in user to easily comment on others' blog posts

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