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    *** Add your own local and national events...the O2 arena, your local pub, outdoor events, boot fairs -- it's quick and easy to add your own event with EventsWall ***

    Eventswall for events local to you Films, pub events, Music, concerts, clubs, festivals, olympics and so on.
    Create your own events local to you other people can view.

    EventsWall is a social event service allowing you to view music, local pub events, sports and festivals.
    To see what is happening locally to you look at events around your area.

    · Get the latest events in you area - more specifically by County.
    · Add you own local events such as a pub quiz or other event near you.
    · Browse local events in the Uk (United Kingdom) by County such as London, Essex , cardiff etc.
    · Find nearby events, music.

    EventsWall is a social events app for Android to accompany the website . It enables users to view events and also add new social events, such as music festivals, pub events, London social occasions, the Olympics, etc. You only need to register to add new events, but once you are you can quickly and easily add a social event in your area.
    The EventsWall app is aimed purely at the Uk (United Kingdom) and is geared towards events in the Uk. Anyone in the world can download the App but please note it is geared towards Uk destinations.
    Add a postcode in the events description and it can be picked up and used to display a map.

    The events are not generally added by us, so this relies on people downloading the app, registering and entering events details. If there are no events listed for your area be the first to add some.