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    EvolSync your rich media, files across your devices and computers, in a smart way.Share and manage your cloud-based pictures, videos and files from your phone or tablet.Fun, easy and convenient way to view, share and manage your cloud-based media and files on your mobile devices.

    EvolSync lets you share your music, videos, photos and much more on this platform. Stream your favourite music and videos to your phone without having to download, share your songs with your friends they can listen your to songs as well.

    Found an interesting picture, video or sound, start sharing it with your friends and members in the community. Create your profile, upload your avatar and start sharing & communicating.

    Now wherever you are ,you can access your account from this mobile app and enjoy the host of features and get in sync with the latest happenings among your friends.

    AJAX web portal to view, share and manage cloud-based rich media, files from modern web browser.Evolsync App & portal allows access to all of your media, files any computer or device, to manage your digital life from anywhere.

    All your devices can have same data from your server.