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    Family Finder Main functions:

    1. Keep track of family or friend members that you have stored in its list.
    2. view map images of the location of the person
    3. this app. uses SMS messages to send request to other phone
    4. this app has its own contact list that you maintain which is seperate from phone contacts .
    5. only those people on your app contact list (NOT YOUR PHONE CONTACTS) and only people with devices that
    has this app installed in it , has the permission to get your gps location through sms request to your phone.
    other wise you might remove any individual from the app contact list to deny the permission to Get your
    location through an sms

    5. to track mobile phone you must have this app installed in it.
    6. you must have GPS Tracking enabled on the device for the app to get GPS DATA.
    7. once you have stored mobile # on the app. contact list then follow these instructions on main screen :
    1. Press Select the mobile #, you a list of mobile numbers stored , just choose one , you are back then to ain
    2. you should see list of mobile numbers stored , just choose one , you are back then to main screen
    3. Press Request Location Data
    3. wait fro a while until you get Displaying message that Location data is recieved
    4. Press Show Location On Map
    5. IF GPS data is not ready on the other mobile , you should get message saying that
    6. there would not be any reply from the other phone if
    (1) other phone does not have your phone listed (2) other phone does not have this app installed in it.

    this app. lets you locate any phone that you have stored on the APP mobile phone list (not the phone contact list) , this app have mobile phone list that you use to choose mobile number to locate.

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