Family Locator & Safety – GPS Tracker

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    Family Locator & Safety – GPS Tracker

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    Familonet is a free Locator App that lets you stay connected with the people who matter to you most: your family & friends
    Real time location tracking on a map – you can always see where your child or partner is – provided they authorized you to do so
    Automatic push notifications when family members arrive at or leave their daily destinations such as school, home, or office – no more “Where are you?” texts
    Enhanced safety through the integrated panic button including location sharing
    Private chat function
    Locate lost or stolen phones
    Low battery consumption
    Very easy to use for children
    Every user decides who can see their real-time position at any time

    INTELLIGENT PLACES: Automatic notifications when family members, like children, grandma or grandpa safely arrive at and leave their daily places - such as school, work or home.
    CHECK-IN: Share your location with your group members

    REAL-TIME LOCATION SHARING: Share your location and locate / track others in real-time. You choose when and for how long!

    MULTIPLE GROUPS: Create individual groups for all the people in your life: Family, friends, roommates
    CHAT: Share messages and images with your group members at highest data security standard

    PANIC BUTTON: Enhanced safety – send your group members your current location so they can find and help you. Lets parents give their child more freedom and allows the elderly to feel safe
    PHOTO ALBUM: All your pictures at a glance – save every moment shared in your group in a photo album

    All benefits at a glance:
    More freedom and less worries for your child, parents and the elderly
    Locate / track / find lost phones via the GPS tracker
    Messaging and sharing according to highest standards of data security
    Allows parents to feel close to their child
    Children and teens are happy not having to call their parents all the time
    The elderly feel safe and independent
    Couples can stay connected thanks to GPS phone tracking
    Enhanced safety, easier communication, and more freedom!
    Location-sharing technology made in Germany

    Enhances daily communication of your family: Parents, children, grandma, grandpa. Also great for couples, friends or roommates.

    To function properly Familonet needs access to:
    In-app purchases - In-app billing of premium subscriptions
    Identity - Managing your Familonet user account
    Contacts - Adding other users to your groups
    Location - To share your location with your group members
    SMS - Send invitation SMS to your group members
    Photos/Media/Files - Send photos and create your profile picture
    Wi-Fi connection information - Check whether you are connected to the internet
    Device ID & call information - Verification of your phone number during registration

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