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    Fampus is the best way for college students to FIND FUN FAST. It is a thorough listing of events relevant to college students on and around campus. It’s the stuff you want! It is very social, fun to use. It’s like your favorite social network and campus calendar had a “love child.”

    *** You will only be able to sign up for a Fampus account if you are currently a college student with a valid .edu email address. Additionally, we are not at all universities. You may want to visit to see if our service is available at your school***

    It is ABSOLUTELY FREE to sign up and use Fampus!!!

    Fampus is the go-to website and mobile app for college students looking to FIND FUN FAST around their campus. Fampus is all about events: concerts, sports, festivals, block parties, lectures, and comedy -- Fampus has it all! Not only does Fampus help you find what's going on around campus, but it's fun to use, too.

    Stay In The Loop
    Let Fampus be your ultimate social calendar. Fampus has great features to help you find events that you want to attend and then remind you about them before they happen. We know that you can't make it to every event, so we have that covered, too. Just click the "In The Loop" button for any event and Fampus will bookmark it for you, making it easy to come back to it whenever you want.

    Recommended For You
    Fampus is smart….really smart. And it has a great memory too. The more you use the site: attending and checking in at events, as well as liking and disliking them, the more Fampus learns about you. It won't take long before Fampus is recommending exactly the kind of events want to want to attend. Not only is Fampus the ultimate social calendar, but also your personal event concierge.

    One of the best things that comes from a great event is the photos. Have you ever noticed that on other social networks there is no way to look at all the photos from one event all in one spot? Fampus has this one covered. Now you can see all the pictures your friends and others have taken from one event all in one spot. Fampus is the best way online to relive the incredible time you had last night or even last year.

    Everything on the web is more fun when you share it with your friends. Fampus was created to be the most socially engaging experience you can have when finding, attending, and reliving events on your computer or mobile.

    Event Stream
    Watch an event unfold right before your eyes. Comments, check-ins, and photos all appear as they happen. When you are at an event, take a picture and upload it to the event page, so your friends stuck home studying can see what a good time they are missing…it may even make them push off studying one more day so they can come out and enjoy the event with you!

    Fampus has Facebook and Twitter integration built in. See an event that you want to go to? "Like" it on Facebook or Tweet it right from Fampus. The event will then post to your other social networks and alert all of your friends of your plans. Share events, get some friends interested, make a night out of it. We bet it will be a rager!

    Follow Others
    We all have that one friend who always knows about the coolest events. And hey, that person might just be you! Fampus makes it easy for your friends to help you find great events. Just follow the people you are interested in on Fampus and you will be finding great new stuff to do before you know it. You may even meet some new friends through Fampus, it's like having an entourage-builder right at your finger tips.

    FAMPUS…You're just one letter away from being FAMOUS!

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