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    Today, seniors treasure the ability to live independently while their families want assurance that the living conditions are safe and comfortable. The feeling of isolation caused by the inability to communicate and visit with family and friends is often the trigger that means the loss of independent living.

    While today's younger generations enjoy social networking using computers, hand-held devices and the Internet, many seniors may feel challenged by these tools. Even those seniors who are familiar with digital technologies often find it difficult to use the picture and video sharing features.

    iSILS FB (Facebook) for Seniors is the first Android application that addresses this need. Using this app means seniors can easily connect to, and communicate with, family, friends and community services.

    iSILS FB for Seniors utilizes Facebook, the world's most popular social networking platform, to easily share messages, pictures and videos.

    This app is used on any Android tablet with a ten-inch screen. With the integrated touch-screen, microphone, camera, speaker and Wi-Fi features of your tablet, sharing messages, pictures and videos is very easy. These functions are done by simply tapping the touch-screen, and by using the tablet's voice control feature. The iSILS FB for Seniors interface has been designed and optimized to be senior-user friendly.

    Some of the features of iSILS FB for Seniors are:

    • You can connect with family, friends and community services through two-way communications using messages, pictures and videos.
    • Facebook safely hosts your information.
    • You can compose messages by using the on-screen keyboard or by speaking using a voice recognition feature.
    • You can easily take pictures and videos by simply tapping on-screen icons.
    • Simply tap on-screens icons and you can send, receive and reply to messages, pictures and videos with family and friends.
    • You can browse and share information with family and friends using Facebook features such as "the wall". This is the space in your Facebook account where you, your family and friends can instantly post and share thoughts and comments.
    • You can automatically be notified when you receive new messages.
    • You can have your messages read to you.
    • You can talk directly with family and friends using Skype and see them using the instant video chatting feature.
    • You can enjoy live music and news radio.
    • By tapping the touch-screen, your tablet will talk to you with features such as the time of day.

    Remember a few simple requirements and tips:

    1) To use iSILS FB for Seniors you need an Internet connection and Wi-Fi capability in your home. Internet service can be purchased from your favorite communications service provider.

    2) To use iSILS FB for Seniors, you will need a Facebook account.

    3) To use the iSILS FB for Seniors phone call and video chatting features, a Skype account is required.

    4) A manual detailing all the application features, set-up instructions, as well as user tips, is available at

    *** Intelligent Senior Independent Living Spaces (iSILS) Inc is dedicated to providing solutions that will allow seniors, as well as others in independent or assisted living situations, to remain in their homes, with dignity, for as long as possible. ***

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