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    Published: 2013-05-24, by Manu Galvez.

    Feel on! for Twitter turns your timeline into a comic strip

    • Switch between comic/text layout
    • All basic Twitter features
    • Attach emotional comics to your tweets
    • It takes its time to load vignettes
    • No homescreen widgets included.

    "A cartoonish timeline"

    There are hundreds of Twitter clients out there, it's true, but I bet you haven't tried one like this before. Feel on! stands out due to its originality to display tweets: it adds a layout that makes your timeline look like a comic strip. Actually, if your contacts are also using the app, you will see the comic they've attached to each tweet. That comic expresses feelings like love, happiness, anger, surprise, etc. and it's perfect to add emotions to your tweets.

    Besides that, Feel on! works like any other Twitter client: by streams. You can read your timeline, mentions, DM, profile, lists and search. You can also tweet, RT, send DM, reply and fav. In addition, you can switch between list view (regular timeline) and original Feel on! view (comic strip).

    Feel on! is set in a user-friendly UI. No issues regarding performance: it works as smooth as any other Twitter client. However, it takes a little long to load vignettes: fast scrolling isn't recommended if you don't want to miss any of them. The other catch: it's less fun if your contacts don't use the app since comics will be assigned to tweets randomly.

    Besides, an original Twitter client which is worth to try.

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    Emmanuel Appszoom logo

    by Emmanuel , Appszoom

    May 24, 2013


    Feel on! is a twitter client which turns tweets into comics by analyzing text data with our original Social Emotion Engine. (Language analysis engine) You will be able to enjoy communicating with friends on Twitter more and more with Feel on!.

    Special Features

    Turn Tweets Into Comics
    Your timeline will be displayed with comic illustrations of 'Cimmonkun.' The timeline becomes much more expressive and easy to understand.

    Normal Mode
    In Normal Mode, your timeline will be displayed in text like other twitter clients. By shaking your device or tapping a button, you can easily change Normal Mode to Comic Mode.

    Tweet With Comics
    Just choose your favorite illustration, put your emotion, and tweet. The tweet becomes expressive and your friend can feel what is in your mind instantly.

    Post On Facebook Wall
    You can post your tweet and illustrations both Twitter and Facebook wall at the same time.

    Auto Illustration Distributing System
    Feel on! gets the latest illustrations automatically. They will be added to illustration lists when you launch the app.



    HOME / Mentions / Messages / Lists / Search / Your Profile
    [Multi Twitter Accounts supported]

    Common Functions[HOME/Mentions etc]

    - Timeline
    1) Comic Mode[with illustrations]
    2) Normal Mode[text only]

    - View Tweet
    Displayed With An Illustration
    Linked URL/View User Profile/Linked Hashtag
    Reply To
    View The User's Profile
    Reply/Reply all
    Retweet/Quote Tweet
    Cimmonkun Jump
    E-mail Tweet
    DM To The User

    - Sending Tweets
    New Tweet
    Tweet With Illustration You Chose
    Shorten URL []

    -@Mentions(Select from follow/follower list)
    Tweet With Photo(Take picture/Choose from library) [Twitter/twitpic/yfrog/Plixi]
    Now Playing
    Post On Facebook Wall
    Sort By User
    New DM / Reply
    Shorten URL []

    User's List/List following/Followers' List
    Create/Edit/Delete List

    Search(All Tweets/Nearby Tweets/User Name/User)
    Search Memo/Trend
    Save/Delete Search Memo

    -My Profile
    View Tweets
    Retweet(By Me/By Friends/My Tweet Retweeted)
    Add To List

    -User Profile

    Picture Thumbnail [Normal Mode]
    Auto Refresh[None/Every 1 min/2mins/3mins]
    Share Feel on! With Friends
    Japanese Hashtag Supported
    Auto Illustration Distributing System

    [About reading permission of confidential log data]
    ○Log transmitting support functions at the time of a trouble (Operating procedure:Settings -> Send Log Report)
    ※A log is read only from this operation.This function does not transmit any log and other information other than "Feel on!".

    For further support in English and Japanese, please contact us by e-mail.

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