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    PLEASE NOTE: Due to a change in Twitter API, this application no longer works, we are loking to resolve the issue as soon as possible.

    It is a location aware application that enables you to search Twitter for tweets generated around you and/or notify when a tweet is made around you

    How is that interesting you ask?

    Say you are at a cafe and there is a celebrity next door, some lucky people are at the right place at the right time hanging out with the celebrity and boasting all about it to their friends on Twitter. You on the other hand my friend, are oblivious. One click on Quickie search could have told you what's going on next door!

    Say you are at an airport and have a loooooooooong transit, or are stuck because the snow gods were not mighty pleased with you. There are potentially many around you in similar situation telling the World about it on Twitter, you my friend are oblivious again! Another click on Quickie search could have found you a mate to get drunk with and get back at the snow gods!

    We love making these stories up so feel free to ask "How is that interesting?". Oh! and we love Twitter too

    Key Features
    -Search tweets near you (various settings available)
    -Notifications on tweets near you (can be toggled from settings)
    -Notifications on tweets sent to you (can be toggled from settings)
    -Canned message
    -Link to details
    -Recent message history
    -Auto maintenance of database
    -Auto maintenance of cache
    -Block/Unblock users
    -Follow/Unfollow users
    -Search without Authorizing Twitter

    Quickie is a location aware application that enables you to search Twitter for tweets generated around you. There is nothing revolutionary about Quickie it's just a simple lightweight application that gives you the freedom to search as you want, near or far, new or old. Just authorize your Twitter account in the application and you are good to go to search around you and send @Mentions to people whose messages or whom you find interesting.

    Quickie notifies you if someone replies to your tweets, it also notifies you when someone near you tweets!!

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