Fish Catcher Cat Screen Lock




    Catch the fish to unlock the screen. This funny screen lock here enables to unlock the screen with the help of this little kitty. Catch the fish and unlock the screen.

    Enable ringtone effect of meow here in the process of unlocking the screen as you wish
    Enable vibration effect to remind us of unlocking in quiet meeting or places
    Supports full screen to enjoy this beautiful kitty and fish bone background
    Supports status bar here for us to check notifications conveniently
    Supplies us with a shortcut key SEARCH to fast unlock in emergency
    Shows us daily information of date and time

    1. Set and activate this screen lock in settings.
    2. Turn on the locked screen to run for us.
    3. We can get a softy kitty here with lovely eyes here.
    4. We should offer a help for this lovely kitty to catch this fish bone here.
    5. Drag the fish bone down and this kitty could eat it and make a meow sound here.
    6. With meow sound and vibration, we can unlock the screen successfully, if we enable these effects in settings.

    Help kitty to catch and eat this fish bone here. With meow reminder, we can unlock the screen quickly as we wish. It is totally free for Android mobiles and tablets. Fish Catcher Cat Screen Lock is simple to lock and easy to unlock.
    Come to try this screen locker here for free. If you like it, please give us 5 stars and share with your friends. Also you can email us your advice and problems here. You will love it!

    Cats hunt small prey, primarily birds and rodents, and can be often used as a form of pest control.
    Cats may vocalize with chirrups, purrs, growls, hisses, and meows. Meows can be one of the most widely known cat sounds.
    A purr could be a sound made by most species of felines. A tonal buzzing may characterize differently between cats. Purring is often understood as signifying happiness; however, cats sometimes may purr when they are ill, or during tense, traumatic, or painful moments.The purring could be done to bring others to it, whether it is happy or needs assistance, and that might be why it sometimes purrs at unexpected times.

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