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    Introducing Follow My Business, the unique innovative business to customer platform creation and sharing utility, giving businesses the power to create their own deals and vouchers, publish them directly to Follow My Business and then available for the FMB community to download and redeem at the business. Redefining how we interact with and experience everyday business, Follow My Business is 100% free with no upfront payments from any business or user EVER! Built with an eloquently simple mission, Follow My Business puts businesses in charge of their deals, without filters or middlemen, allowing the business to keep all of the money they earn from all the deals they publish, which means more and better deals for customers!

    Follow My Business gives the power for businesses and users to communicate with other users strictly from their perspective. FMB also allows the user the option of either logging in via their Facebook accounts or by creating a dedicated Follow My Business account. Once inside, the business is free to create deals where they can limit the number of vouchers available for a user to claim and redeem, create their own pricing on deals, adjust the time to start and end the deal, pictures, and other detailed information. Users are able to follow businesses in which they will have access and able to claim and redeem any of the deals that the business publishes. Users will be emailed a voucher once they claim a deal which will be redeemable at that business. Make sure to use the vouchers you claim because the user will be given a redemption rating based on how many deals they claim and redeem, which will tell businesses how genuine a user is to their business. Users can interact with the businesses too by sending them a private message, chatting in real-time, or being able to rate and comment on deals and businesses as they feel.

    Boasting an intuitive user interface, Follow My Business provides a seamlessly social business intake and creation experience. Generating deals is as simple as picking a title, category, writing out the fine details, and publishing! Continuously evolving, FMB allows active user feedback to ensure that everyone gets the best possible user experience whether it’s the addition of new features or anything else. Stop sifting through business ad nauseum – get Follow My Business, share the most important deals with your followers in your own words and don’t allow any other business to take your well earned money. Rethink how you do business and communicate with your customers today with Follow My Business!

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