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    ForumReader is an android tapatalk client. You can read your tapatalk supported forums using ForumReader. ForumReader currently supports following features

    - Support for marking a forum as favorite
    - Browsing forums
    - Sign in to the forum using your forum user account
    - Subscribing/Unsubscribing to sub forums
    - Subscribing/Unsubscribing to topics
    - Display list of latest topics
    - Display list of unread topics
    - Display list of participated topics
    - Replying to posts
    - Replying to posts with quote
    - Inline image viewing
    - Large image viewer with pinch to zoom
    - Gif image support
    - Smiley support
    - Caching of images for performance

    Various other features will be added to the application via updates.

    - ForumReader uses sdcard for caching images. It caches all the images/icons/avatar to the mounted sdcard. You can delete the image cache using the application settings menu in the first screen.
    - Send your comments/feature request by email. It will be addressed as soon as possible.

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