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    Don't wait to do poorly on an exam before trying this app!

    Fresh Tutor is an android app that offers LIVE tutoring from the convenience of your android device where ever you are. You communicate with a real person, not a computer. It's the NEWEST and most INTUITIVE LIVE tutoring app on the Android market. Optimized for both tablets and phones!

    It's as simple as sending a question to one of our graduate/doctoral level trained tutors and receiving an answer. We realize that you need to study for your classes in order to succeed and only need occasional help. There are no time-exhausting sessions you have to login to with Fresh Tutor. You can send a question anytime you need help.

    Our tutors will help alleviate those mind-boggling questions that we've all seen before. Send us either a message or if that's not suffice, you can send a PICTURE message if your device supports cameras. The tutor may elect to also respond with a picture message if appropriate. Fresh Tutor has been made to connect you to the right people as EASY as possible.

    We tutor in an eclectic assortment of subjects including geometry, algebra, algebra 2, calculus, elementary and middle school mathematics, college level mathematics, non-math subjects such as chemistry, biology, anatomy, economics, finance and more!

    So here is how it works as we like to be completely transparent:

    Fresh Tutor is a subscription-based app! The first month (from your download date) is included in the download and if you do not like it, simply do not renew the subscription at the end of the month.

    Each month you are allocated one hundred minutes.

    To put that price in perspective, competitive services charge as much as $50 per hour or as little as $5 for 20 minutes.

    This app is best for these people:
    - Students in high school and college trying to improve their grades
    - Parents of students that want their children to have an edge in their classes
    - Prospective students looking to re-enter the education world who want a little refresher / assistance in the process
    - Those that want a supplement that will clarify teaching points from their professors

    Fresh Tutor requires a few permissions to function properly. These permissions allow us to seamlessly create an account for you, connect you to the tutor, take pictures, and alert you when a tutor responds.

    We are an independent service not affiliated with Wolframalpha, motuto, text a tutor, hwpic, myhomework,, or cha cha

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