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    Keep your messages away from prying eyes.

    Do you want to have some extra fun with your text messages? Do you want to keep your messages a secret from your parents, teachers, friends, boyfriend/girlfriend, etc.? Do you want to create a unique garbled message for each of your friends?

    This, and more, is possible with Garble! Send Garbled text messages to any of your contacts. Garble is available on BlackBerry, iPhone and Droid phones (and counting) so no contact is left out. Your messages are kept on your phone only; no data is sent to a server or saved anywhere except your phone. Four different Garble types are available for you to use. You can use different Garbles for different contacts. Have fun!

    Even your friends who do not have the Garble app can use the free Garble Reader app to read your garbled messages.

    Customize your garbles, select which contacts can garble with you and so much more.

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