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    Geosocials is a location based social game with which you can make friends while having fun

    • See on the map friends and diamonds
    • Good-looking layout
    • Leaderboards
    • Deals system
    • It requires Adobe Air (5.8 mb) for playing
    • It forcecloses on some devices
    • We're missing more "game modes": quests, meeting check-in...

    "Play Win Socialize"

    This is a new concept of game based on social network and location. It makes the whole world becoming a board (although you will play most nearby your location). What you have to do is collect diamonds and treasures that people dropped in the street. You can drop some as well (you get 25 by default, but this increases as you collect diamonds from other people). No matter where you're, in a bus, at school, work... you can drop and collect treasures wherever. Try to drop it in interesting and beautiful places.

    First time you launch it will ask you for Adobe Air. In case you don't have it installed in your device, you can download it from the market (5.8 mb). What's more, GeoSocials shows a tutorial on what is it, and how to play (only first time). Then, you need to create an account on GeoSocials. Beside the e-mail, you have to choose a nickname, add an avatar (it can be from your gallery), add your personal bio info like if it was a Twitter or Facebook accounts.

    You can check the map (earth, map and satellite mode) to find nearby diamonds out. Likewise, you can see on the map other GeoSocials users. Check their profile out and add them as friends if you want to. Send them a message if you just want to say something to them. This way you can socialize while playing. There's a dashboard where you can track how many diamonds, treasures or locations you have.

    What makes this social game so fun are the leaderboards (local and global) where you can see the score achieved by other users (diamonds collected, treasures, locations...) listed in a ranking. Finally, you can get deals from places nearby just by voting for them (thumbs up). Whenever you want you can hide yourself from the other users by tapping on the "eye" tab on the dashboard.

    GeoSocials allows you to discover interesting places nearby while meeting new people and playing with them. High recommendable.

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    Manu Appszoom logo

    by Manu , Appszoom

    Aug 16, 2011


    GeoSocials is a location based social game that helps you find friends, fortune, and fame at a place near you! GeoSocials is a GPS based hyper-local, real life social networking game that lets you play, win and socialize all at the same time, unlock real and virtual goodies and move up life’s leaderboard – anywhere and everywhere you are.

    Check out the quick intro video to GeoSocials here: and you can watch the app in action here:

    Waiting at the airport, just passing time and feeling bored? Dying for something fun to do between classes or meetings? Why not look up interesting people around you to pass time with? You can do it right from where you are.

    Just open GeoSocials and see who’s around your vicinity. A quick glance at the map shows you everyone in the GeoSocials network that is located around you, so there’s always someone close by to chat with, and there’s always a challenging game to play when you have this app on your Android device.

    When you’re in Social mode, you can quickly check out others that show up on your map. Go ahead, read their bio and see if you think you want to strike up an interesting conversation. Then all you have to do is invite them to be your friend. Once they accept, just enjoy chatting with one another. Who knows, you may just make a lifelong friend.

    GeoSocials is specially designed to find you relevant, hyper-local connections. They may come from that airport or waiting room you’re in, your neighborhood, college, favorite pub or coffee shop. You never know where a new friend might be lurking but rest assured, they’re not very far away.

    But we mentioned that you get to play a challenging game, too. Oh yes, this app is different from other social networking applications. GeoSocials is a location based social and virtual geocaching game that not only helps you find friends, it also gives you the opportunity to find virtual and sometimes real fortunes. This is a gamification of real life, one that lets you play, win and socialize, all at the same time, all within one fun app.

    You can find virtual treasures that other players have dropped, answer a simple geo-specific question or play a fun game and claim the treasure as your own. You’ll even win points that help you climb to the top of the local and global leaderboards! After you’ve recovered from the glow of victory, don’t forget to drop a treasure for other players to find. It’s good Karma to pay it forward.

    GeoSocials developers have added some special extras to help you solve the challenges. You have an accelerometer at your disposal, along with voice activation and gestures for you to use to have the most fun possible in a social networking application. You can even brag about your leaderboard position or point winnings with others on Facebook and Twitter.

    Really, GeoSocials is a local party in an App!

    Just look at some of the features you get in GeoSocials:
    * Easy, attractive interface
    * Hyper location based social game
    * Makes it fast and easy to find friends in your neighborhood, workplace or literally anywhere.
    * Fun game format challenges you to find and hide treasures
    * Gives you a chance to win virtual or real rewards
    * Local leaderboard for competition around your immediate vicinity
    * Global leaderboard for worldwide competition
    * Special features include accelerometer, voice activation and gestures
    * Share your wins with others on Facebook and Twitter
    * Coming Soon! Watch for Discounts and Rewards from local businesses!
    * Nothing to lose – this App is FREE.

    So, what are you waiting for, it’s Geo-logical! Friendship is the real fortune! As for the fun you’ll have…points, rewards and glory awaits! Go on give it a try, unlock your neighborhood, and blaze a trail!

    Don’t miss any more of the action! Download GeoSocials now and join the fun.

    See this App in action here:

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