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    Get All The Woman You Want

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    Dear Friend,

    If I'm not mistaken, you're the kind of person who:

    - Is sick and tired of having to bear with the routine torment of women rejecting you every time you ask for a date?

    - Is fed up with watching other guys going out with hot girls in the shopping mall - and sometimes you think it's injustice when even a guy uglier than you is having the type of woman you admire most?

    - Is afraid of taking a plunge into the dating scene and find approaching women a lot tougher than wrestling with crocodiles?

    - Is annoyed to death about being all alone or dreading the idea of settling for below-average women?

    Now believe it or not, you're NOT alone.

    It's just that the guys whom you consider lucky these days are the ones who know something you DON'T. And the real truth about exploding chemical romance is that you ought to shove the myths aside first!

    Myths About Dating & Getting HOT Women Dispelled!

    The truth is that:

    You DON'T have to be handsome to get sexy women to hang out with you. (Remember the ugly guys you saw at the shopping mall who seem to be having the kind of women you want?)

    You DON'T have to be rich (not necessarily) to get sexy women to hang out with you. There are obviously more poor and middle class citizens than rich people in any area of the planet but marriages and relationships are formed around the clock, proving that wealth isn't the main denominating factor.

    And it's got absolutely NOTHING to do with your age, education level or career either!

    Hard to believe?

    Well, BELIEVE IT.

    Ironically, dating and relationship can be tough for some and then a big deal for others it's almost as if it's a mystery rivaling that of the Bermuda Triangle and the Loch Ness legend. I bet it sure is a mystery for YOU.

    But regardless of your current situation, relationship desires, age, looks, financial status, or career, you're going to be in for a pleasant surprise.

    Because I'm going to transform you into a man that all the hot woman will engage in a cat fight to compete for you.

    It doesn't matter whether if it's your first time in the dating scene.

    It doesn't matter if you have failed miserably in the past.

    Because I will be exposing the taboo secrets of dating and picking up tantalizingHOT women in the FASTEST time possible!

    Imagine, Learning Things Like:

    - How to make yourself painfully irresistible to sexy women!

    - How to give yourself an awesome extreme makeover without having to go for surgery yet make women look twice at you at the shopping mall!

    - The single most important secret that makes you stand out of the rest of the wimpy guys! (Hint: It's something to do with men in uniform!)

    - What women really, really want in a man and how YOU can be "that" thing!

    - The places to meet HOT, sexy women that you thought don't know so well - a "must discover" if you think don't know many people!

    - Which women to date and realizing that you actually have several options to choose from!

    - How to succeed on your FIRST date - whether it's your first time in the dating scene or with a new girl!

    - How to keep your conversations alive and straight on the nail when you're with the woman of your dreams! (Hint: this is very crucial because asking the wrong questions means killing your relationship chances!)

    - The EI Factor!

    - How to really, really flirt and know if your date is flirting with you, too!

    - The 10 unwritten rules (and secrets) about successful dating!

    - How to be sensitive without losing your man hood in the process!

    - The art of understanding women and how they think - remember that women are totally different creatures altogether though they inhabit the planet about as long as men do!

    And much, much more!

    This is barely in a nutshell but you will be glad to find out this will work for you, whether it's your first attempt at dating or have been playing hard to get your favorite woman's attention (which seems to be case all the time).