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    ★ GIST ★ The Social Giftlist

    Did you happen to lose a lot of time thinking about what to give to a person?
    Have you ever turned in vain for shops looking for something that could really pleasure?
    If you prefer not to lose more all the time and if you would like to make a gift that meets 100% who receives...
    GIST (the social giftlist) is for you!

    It 's your birthday, you're off to your friends, it's time to open the gifts ... I take one, I shake to try to feel what's inside, the discarded excited, eager to learn why the content ... and here is the classic gift unwelcome!
    They will ask you "do you like?" and you with a quite false smile on your face the answer "was just what I wanted."
    Embarrassing situation?? Dissatisfaction?? Enter your giftlist GIST (the social giftlist) and no more fake smiles!

    GIST is not the usual app where you go to enter a list of those that you think will be gifts that may please a relative or a friend, the social side of the app will let you know with certainty what are the gifts that this person would want to receive, you will not have to worry about making an unwelcome gift!
    Look at the list of a person you can scroll between its objects of desire and check that, or those, you'd be the one to give him and you can do the same thing with all the people you want, the check will give you the ability to add the chosen object for a particular person in the to do list of gifts, in order to keep a well-organized list to not forget anything.

    Create the list of gifts you would like to receive, enter the name or a link to a photo or still, the link of the online store where you saw that thing that you like so much ... so everybody knows you, with this innovative app can inform on what are your wishes and make a really nice gift!

    Find friends who are already part of GIST by entering their name, or, with the famous social network, Facebook, you can find all your friends who have installed our app.

    For Christmas we decided to release an interface that you can breathe the air of Christmas, a hot topic with flashing lights, snow, and with the inevitable Christmas songs to listen to the entire ... and if you're listening to a song you do not like then shake the your device to listen to just a 'else!
    Use GIST will be more pleasant with the classics tunes such as Jingle Bells, O Christmas Tree, Silent Night and other songs offered by the artist Kevin MacLeod (

    In the next update, the theme of the interface will be universal, because GIST was born at Christmas but can be used for all types of holidays and festivities (Valentine's Day, birthday, graduation, etc ...) will be added new features that make it even more useful, functional and fun.

    So if you do not know what to give, or if you want to do to you the gifts that you want, then GIST will help you!

    GIST (the social giftlist) is the app that has simplified the life of Santa Claus, overwhelmed by the thousands of letters to read to learn about the gifts to take all, decided to install GIST his smartphone!

    In the "contact us" section you can send a message to report any improvements to make and help us in the future upgrades development or simply express your opinion about our work.

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