gOmniAgent runs silently in the background with no user interface. It helps monitoring minors and your beloved ones from the gOmniTracker mobile application or from website. Once installed, and started, the Setting screen will appear. Just enter the account information and click on the Activate button. This will add the device automatically to your account. Make sure that you enable GPS on the device (for higher accuracy). You need to grant permission to the application to use the device GPS, when it prompts you for such action.

    Q. My location shows that I'm at the West Coast of Africa, when I'm in Kelso, WA?
    A. During your device activation, if your device GPS has no valid location then the location point (Latitude, Longitude) would be (0,0), which is a real location near the West Coast of Africa. Once you start moving with your device, and it gets a valid GPS location (fix), then the device location will be updated with the correct values.

    Q. My gOomniAgent application icon is still visible. I thought that it wouldn't show with all of my other installed apps.
    A. Unfortunately, some carriers/providers enforces the policy that all applications must have an icon, even the application is designed to avoid that. This is not the case with the T-Mobile G1, for example.

    Q. Does the gOmniAgent application need to be installed on the child's phone or on the parent's phone or both?
    A. The gOmniAgent is best installed on the child phone. It should be installed and activated by the parent, or the account holder. When there is a new version of the gOmniAgent, the parent (account holder) will be notified by email only.

    Q. The gOmniAgent takes a long time 3-5 minutes to get the current location after start up. Is this normal?
    A. Its usually takes about 2 minutes for the first valid fix. This is called satellite warm-up period.

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