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    Socialize for Android brings you Socialize for Facebook Messenger. This application allows you to connect with your friends on Facebook and chat just like you would through your Facebook account except you can do it with style. Socialize for Facebook Messenger has all black backgrounds with white and green text as well as custom HD images.

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    Socialize For Facebook Messenger Features

    -Send and Receive messages through your Facebook account

    -Push notifications

    -Ability to text message friends if they are not on Facebook

    -Ability to Have Group Conversations

    -Individual controls for each conversations

    -Add Pictures to Messages

    -Add Location to Messages

    -Plus lots more....

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    Blue Socialize for Facebook
    Black Socialize for Facebook
    Red Socialize for Facebbook
    Pink Socialize for Facebook
    Green Socialize for Facebook
    Purple Socialize for Facebook
    Gold Socialize for Facebook
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    Red Socialize for Twitter
    Pink Socialize for Twitter
    Pink Socialize for Facebook Messenger
    Green Socialize for Facebook Messenger
    Purple Socialize for Facebook Messenger
    Gold Socialize for Facebook Messenger
    Red Socialize for Facebook Messenger
    Blue Socialzie for Facebook Messenger
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    Pink GoSocial for go Launcher EX
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    Blue GoSocial for Go Launcher EX

    There are absolutely NO Ads whatsoever in any Socialize product nor with there ever be

    If you are having any problem at all please email me first and ask for help before leaving a negative comment. I will try to do my best to answer you as quick as possible and get the problem fixed. I can not respond to the comments left here or any other application that is out unless you email me.

    If having issues seeing pictures or connecting to your Facebook account please try the suggestions first before emailing me...

    1. Restart Phone
    2. Connect to a WiFi network
    3. Check to make sure your user name and password are correct. Only one account can be connected at a time.
    4. Uninstall and re-install to see if it fixes the problem. Sometimes the market messes up the download of the application and it does'nt work.

    If you do email please include the following to better speed up the process of fixing the Issue

    1. Name of Phone and Service Provider
    2. Version of Android on Phone (Can be found in settings/about phone)
    3. Specific problem (IE: Don't just say does'nt work)
    4. Be patient as I do this as a hobby and not out of an office so Im not always at a desk to help right away.

    Socialize for Android, Socialize for Facebook, and Socialize for Facebook Messenger are in no way affiliated with or Facebook as a Whole. Please do not email them with questions about this application because they will have no idea what you are talking about.

    Socialize for Facebook Messenger was built using open source software that can be found with in a link in the about section of the menu in this application.

    Please visit my discussion site found either in the about tab in the menu or at the bottom of this description.

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