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    Socialize for Android brings you Socialize For Twitter....This application lets you connect to yet another of your favorite Social Applications. Connect to Twitter with Black backgrounds with Green and White text. Enjoy the newly designed icons for a crisper sleeker look as well as the application being optimized for speed.

    If you have any problems with any of my applications please email me before leaving a negative comment. I can usually fix any problems you may have. This go for billing as well. Also there are no ads whats so ever in this application and there never will be.

    Known issues: When signing up for a new account the text is black on a black background. I am working on a fix and figured its better to release and hopefully only affect a few rather than hold back the release. To fix just use website to sign up a new account.

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    Socialize for Twitter is in no way affiliated with Twitter,, or Twitter inc. The Socialize For Twitter application is based of of open source software. The icons have been created by me and used between multiple applications.

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