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    Map the current position of up to 32 units in an instant, displays distance,
    Works with anything that can carry a mobile. Map their position or display their distance from you and the direction for getting to them..

    GroupTracker makes your smartphone into a way of finding out where the others in your group/family/fleet/gang are right now, tracking the position of up to 32 other mobile phones running GroupTracker.
    It will, at an adjustable interval, report it's position to a central location where all other mobiles running the GroupTracker can download it from, provided they have that mobile's id and passcode.

    The information can be displayed all together on a map, with details available at the touch of a finger, for each displayed group member. Alternatively you can get a list of group members, with info on when their position was last updated and either distance and course from you, or their position in latitude and longitude. From this list you can also press any of the group members and get their last recorded position on a google map.

    Cloud storage and friend's position update interval is separately adjustable,
    from every 1 minute up to once every 24 hours.

    Distance is in kilometres. Position displays are in minutes. Compass displays are traditional points of the compass like N for North, NE for NorthEast and NEbE for NorthEastbyEast.

    GroupTracker assumes that your device have a gps and that it is enabled. You will also need some form of external storage, like an sd card. On some devices with more than 1 sd card it would use the internal one. All files are stored in a folder structure
    Yes, the sticker price is all you pay to use 1 smartphone as a tracker until the end of it's life. No additional hardware or subscription (besides the smartphone and its associated network costs)

    After you purchase GroupTracker, you will need to fill in the form on the first page to send your mobile's Imei number to to register you personal passcode (1 Imei number per purchase) You will also receive your unique link to a webpage, where the latest position of your mobile (running GroupTracker) can be mapped.

    You can use GroupTracker for tracking just one mobile from a webpage, but else there is no point in buying just 1 copy since each mobile to be tracked has to have a copy of GroupTracker installed.

    If you are unsure if GroupTracker will work on your device, first try the free 30 day trial from - GroupTrackerTrial also found on Google Play. If that works, GroupTracker will work.

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