With the HeyHo app you can connect to your friends via smartphone and Facebook. Here are some of the exciting features:

    - Friends make free calls
    - HeyHo calls do not generate data traffic and ensures ultimate call quality
    - Lottery: win a call from Matthias Schweighöfer and a Sony Xperia T
    - Easily identify friends to whom you can make free calls
    - Form gaming communities and crack high-scores with friends
    - Order your Smartphone Fun SIM-card for free
    - Inform friends about your new Smartphone Fun number via SMS for free
    - Check your balance and top-up your account

    Here’s how:

    Install the HeyHo app, invite friends and let them accept your invite! Then you are connected as HeyHo friends.

    Are you a Smartphone Fun customer and younger than 26?

    Then you can make free standard national voice calls (within Germany) to connected friends who have one of the following tariffs:

    - Smartphone Fun (younger than 26 years old)
    - Smartphone Fun M or L
    - and Vodafone contract customers with a Vodafone Voice Flat to the German Vodafone network

    The free calls are valid for 28 days after topping-up at least 15€.

    If you are a Smartphone M/L or Vodafone credit customer with a Vodafone Voice Flat you can already make free calls to your Vodafone friends.

    Complicated? No not at all! Easily identify friends to whom you can make free calls with the HeyHo app.

    Install the HeyHo app and get connected!

    Still don’t have the Smartphone Fun tariff?

    No worries! Simply order your free Smartphone Fun SIM-card or switch into the Smartphone Fun tariff with the HeyHo app.
    The Smartphone Fun tariff is the ultimate prepaid tariff for your smartphone. For only 9.99€ / month (1): you get:

    - Allnet SMS Flat (2)
    - Surf flat (3)
    - Calls for only 9 Cents to all German network operators

    In combination with HeyHo you can make free calls to your Smartphone Fun friends and Vodafone credit customers with a Vodafone Voice Flat within Germany.
    Thanks to prepaid, you keep your costs under control at all times!
    Want to have even more fun with your smartphone? Then get the Smartphone Fun M or L tariffs!

    Not a Vodafone customer yet?

    Even as a non-Vodafone customer you can enjoy the benefits of the HeyHo app such as forming gaming communities with your friends. You can of course also order a Smartphone Fun SIM-card for free directly with HeyHo to enjoy all benefits.

    (1) Video-calls, conferencing-calls, call-forwarding (diversions) and calls to special rated numbers are excluded. If you have insufficient credit for the monthly base fee, standard rates of 0,09€ Min/SMS for all std. national (German) calls (fixed-line and mobile (60/60)) and SMS apply. For data traffic 0,09€ per Min. applies. After topping up your account the monthly base fee will automatically be deducted. All prices incl. VAT.

    (2) 3.000 standard-SMS/month within all German networks (100 SMS/day max.).

    (3) 200 MB with 7.2 MBit/s max. download (thereafter 64 KBit/s max.). The data volume is only for usage with a mobile phone. Usage for VoIP, P2P u. instant messaging is excluded.

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