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    Published: 2013-03-13, by Manu Galvez.

    HeyTell is a cross-platform voice messenger push-to-talk based

    • User-friendly interface
    • It works properly over 3G/WiFi
    • Acceptable sound quality
    • Push notifications, text transcription
    • Your contacts must have the app installed
    • Push notifications only vibrates in some devices (no sound)

    "Typing is tedious and sluggish: call your friends!"

    You don't need an account, just launch the app, choose a contact and push the button to start talking (completely free). Well, it must be said that's mandatory that your friends have also HeyTell installed in their devices. You can invite them from the app and, once you've some friends added just choose one and tap on the orange button to call them.

    It works this way: it records your message and instantly sends it over to your contact. It isn't a real-time call, it works like a walkie-talkie. If your friends don't have HeyTell launched when you send the message, they'll receive a push notification or a transcription of the message, if they've allowed that from privacy settings. Actually, you can manage your privacy for incoming calls from privacy settings too (there are three levels: low, medium, high). You can also block some contacts not to receive calls from them.

    It works properly over 3G/EDGE/WiFi and, surprisingly, the data usage isn't really high. The sound quality is quite good, although it can be enhanced. HeyTell's interface is intuitive and easy to use HeyTell is free with no ads. You only have to pay for some add-ons (voice changer, group chat,...) if you want to.

    Here comes the voice push-to-talk messenger experience.

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    Mar 13, 2013


    HeyTell is a cross-platform voice messenger & walkie talkie that allows you to instantly talk with friends & family who use Android, iOS, and Windows Phone 7 devices with the press of a single button.

    * Voice messages are quicker than SMS—and free!

    * *Very* low data usage, no more than sending an email

    * Works on any Internet connection!

    * Superior audio quality: *twice* the frequency range of a cell phone call!

    * EXTRAS! Check out the Voice Changer or create 25-way chat with Groups! Extras make HeyTell ad-free!

    * Notifications alert whenever a message is received if you enable the Background Service via Menu > Settings > Background Service

    TIP: If you're on wifi & want to avoid late notifications, be sure to set your Wifi Sleep Policy to Never: Menu >Settings > Wireless & Networks > Wi-Fi Settings > Menu > Advanced > Wi-Fi sleep policy > Never.

    * Quickly Friend/Unfriend/Block. Adding contacts as friends ensures that you can always quickly find them by tapping the To: field and tapping "Friends."

    * Choose from 3 different privacy levels to control how users can contact you without an invite:

    Low privacy: All Facebook friends can HeyTell you. Any of your Twitter followers can HeyTell you. People who know your phone number or email address can HeyTell you.

    Medium privacy: All Facebook friends can HeyTell you. All Twitter friends can talk to you. Friends of your HeyTell friends who know your phone number or email address can HeyTell you.

    High privacy: No one can contact you unless you contact them first or unless you accept their Twitter, Facebook, email, or SMS invite.

    * Optionally, share your location with selected contacts while you talk

    TIP: To send your location information to a contact, you must have the MAPS page open (tap TARGET button) when you send the HeyTell message. For privacy reasons, HeyTell does not send location unless you approve & have Maps open.

    Conversations can be saved & replayed offline, or deleted

    TIP: Long-press on conversations & individual messages to access extended View, Delete, and Export options.

    * All data and audio you transmit to HeyTell and your friends is encrypted in transit

    * Earpiece and speakerphone functionality: Press the Speaker button to toggle between earpiece and speaker mode (If you find earpiece sound is too low, enable the speaker)

    * You do NOT need to share personal information to connect with HeyTell contacts & have full control of your personal info. See and for more information about connecting without sharing phone numbers or email addresses!

    TIP: Back up your account so that you do not have to re-add friends when you change phones or update ROMs. To do this, exit HeyTell and enable the Backup options accessed via Menu > Settings > Privacy or Backup & Sync.

    TIP: If you can send messages to friends, but you are not receiving them, ask your friends to respond directly to you by tapping the active conversation. It is likely that the contact information they're using to find you doesn't match what you set for yourself and/or your privacy is higher. However, directly responding to the conversation should always work! :)

    TIP: IF YOU GET AN "INBOX FULL" message, there's no need to delete the app or messages: This just means that your friend has to listen or reply to the messages you sent before you can continue to send them messages. Once they listen or respond, you can keep on talking!

    NOTE THAT CARRIERS MAY CHARGE YOU & YOUR RECIPIENT FOR SMS INVITES, but they're not required--email invites and direct connections to other HeyTell users using phone, email, Twitter, & Facebook are free!


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