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    CATO is an app that will hide/mask your texts without any notification. The texts are stored within the app in a folder that is double password protected.

    No one will know you got a text. You simply open the app , enter your password and read your texts. You will never again be bothered by an ex -girlfriend/boyfriend when on a date. That is right, no notification.....

    You will never again fight about who is this guy or girl texting. Keep your phone on notification and let CATO keep you from having headaches. Keep your phone texts private.

    If the phone gets in the hands of authority figures they will not be able to read your phone without gaining access to your password. If your wife or husband finds your phone no more explaining. You got the hang of it. Enjoy Cato email us if you need help. This app works. We use it ourselves and it is us and foreign patent pending. So this is the app that was built for the long haul enjoy.

    Now for the fancy explanation of the app. Cato has an advanced profile profile feature to set times of day to automatically manage when you get notified of texts by people you put on that schedule.
    In the current version only SMS support is given & we are going to include call support very soon.

    It has very advanced profile features. You can create profiles based on dates, days and time. Once the profiles are created, you will be able to attach Call, SMS, MMS handling features to the profiles.

    For example, you don't want to pick up your boss's phone on weekends. So, you create a profile for the weekends. Add your boss's number to it and activate that profile. That's it... Now, if you boss calls you during a weekend, you won't notice the call on your phone, because CATO handles it on your behalf. Later on, you can use the CATO app to see if you have got any calls from the blocked number or not. The full details of the call/sms/mms will be displayed to you.

    Let's take another example..You are out on a trip with your boy friend and your ex-boy friends keeps on calling or send SMSs. Just add his number to the block list and you won't get any notification about his calls/SMSs. So, your current boy friend won't get any clue about your past. Later on, if you want to check, the details of blocked calls/SMSs you can view that from the CATO app... Isn't it fantastic !!!

    There can be so many other instances where you don't want to get specific calls/SMSs/MMSs. It could be so annoying sometimes. But CATO manages it on your behalf. It just masks it as per your instructions, so that you can check whenever you have the time.

    We hope that this app will make your life much more comfortable and you will enjoy the moments without getting disturbed by annoying calls/SMSs/MMSs

    If you have any questions, please drop us a line on our email id.

    thank you !!

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