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    In this application is integrated a list of nearly two thousand traditional, professional, religious, national, or even exotic holidays around the world. Choose the celebration and mark the contacts, which you want to congratulate. By default, the message is: "Congratulations!", But it can be changed. So, you technically do not forget all friends, well, they will, of course, be thankful! Imagine how pleasantly surprised your friend, Cambodian, if you greet him with the Independence Day of Cambodia on January 7? Or your partner, Texan, when he receives a greeting with Day of Confederation on January 15? You program it only once, and your smartphone (or tablet) will automatically send greetings by schedule.
    Besides studying the list of holidays in spare time, you can even study history and expand horizons. To some holidays you can find details and story of foundation.
    If you're in another country, the knowledge of local traditions (it is the holiday), and history will greatly help you in communicating with local people and help establish contacts and acquire a positive image.
    Also, you can create a list of your own festivals and events, set up a reminder about holiday for a few days.
    There is also an option to use. For example, every Friday, you play with your friends in the "mafia", or simply go to the dance. Create in "My Events" message: "Tomorrow as usual", assign the shipment on Thursday. And set the frequency to "every week."
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    Comment at Play.Google: "Its not worth downloading. It didn't even have american new years countdown."
    Our answer: "American new years countdown? Are you high?"
    - Studying of the holidays, history and traditions. And through it - the customs of different people and so on.
    - Creation of SMS greetings on the occasion of these festivities.
    - Create your holidays or events and program sms greetings about it.
    - Schedule for sending SMS messages (such as greeting or any other).
    - Wide frequency of sending: every hour or annualy.
    - A reminder about holiday for a few days before.

    We apologize for the automated translation (especially for languages: Arabic, Japanese, Vietnamese, Hebrew, Chinese, Korean, Turkish, Hindi). It contains a lot of mistakes, which we do not suspect, but, first, this translation - it is better than nothing, and it will still help you to understand the essence of the holidays. Second, we will immediately start making professional translation and post updates. Month after month, the language by the language, we add new descriptions for the holidays and new languages.
    Available languages: English, German, Spanish, Italian, Turkish, Arabic, French, Chinese, Korean, Hindi, Bengali, Russian, Hebrew, Portuguese, Polish, Japanese, Hindi, Ukrainian.

    Also, if you wish to translate into your language faster and by your own, please contact us at mail. We will send you a text in English. After we integrate your text we will thank you by name on the page of the application.

    Note: If you switch off the phone, the application must be started after switching (and you can immediately get out of it) to activate the reminder.

    Instructions, FAQ and news are here:
    Remember, if you set us a good rate, you are helping to develope our free project, because other users are guided by your assessment. A bad score hinders it. It is clear that if the application does not run on your phone or buggy, you start to get angry. But more effective to write us about the problem than to put unsatisfactory. Although, of course, it's up to you. The ultimate purpose is to to create a great mobile database for all the world's most important holidays on the most popular languages.

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