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    These hope quotes from the Bible will help you regain your power to believe in a better life!

    Do you think you’ve reached the end of all your strength to carry on?

    What IS Christianity, in the end? Is it just a religion that got stuck on a piece of paper? Or is it more like a life style, a way of living beautiful in the eyes of God?

    We go for the second answer. Why? Basically because there is no other religion where HOPE and LOVE play such an important role. These two seem to be the basic Christianity beliefs, since our Lord, Jesus Christ, died out of love for humanity, to give us all the hope to a better life. That being said, we are 100% sure that it is in the Bible where we should seek our guidance in these times of trouble that we’re living in.

    ‘This touched my heart like nothing else. I loved the quotes from the Romans the most!’ – A. Webster

    Judaism is our ancestor. And the Jewish figures in the Old Testament also had hope: that of the coming of Messiah. And He came, through Jesus, and opened the gates of Heaven for all those who believed in Him and in His words that came from the Father. How can we feel hopeless when we KNOW that God has such a GREAT plan for us all, who trust our lives in His hands?

    Yes, this beginning of the 21th century has been a crazy one: 9/11, the war in Iraq, the economical crisis, natural disasters and, more than anything a crisis of the morals.

    We seem to act like a flock of sheep that has lost their shepherd. And raising our children in this kind of environment seems tougher than ever. But we must not fear: we have our Lord to guide us through all the darkness. He is our light and in Him we put all our faith.

    What is hope when everything seems like it will never be better? We think of hope as kind of a fuel and that it is the only thing that makes us move on with our head up straight. Without hope, we are lost, because we can’t find the power within ourselves, we can’t find anything to reach up to. And God knows us, humans, like no other, because He created us. This is why he left us with the best ‘textbook’ of all times: the Bible. The Bible verses on hope will surely be inspirational for anyone, no matter how tough their problems should be.

    The end of the world seems near. The second coming of Jesus has been prophesized a long time ago. Is it really the Apocalypse though? We can’t know for sure. We can only be prepared. We can only have faith in our God’s mercy. We can only join our hands in prayers and ask our Lord to forgive our sins. Look up: the skies have been there since the beginning of times. How little we are compared to God’s entire Creation! How small we seem when we realize there’s an entire Universe out there, when we know that there are things such as the afterlife that we cannot SEE or TOUCH, but only have FAITH that they exist!

    No, there is nothing in the world to give us as much hope as the words of the Bible. In the end, this is what a good Christian is: a man who has FAITH in the God above, a man who tries in all his days to please Him, a man who prays and who does Bible study in order to know God better. And, more than anything, a man who leads his life through the power of love (for God and for humanity)…

    Download today and find hope in the darkness!

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