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    ICU App lets Doctors and clinics send notices to patients t o remind them of appointment. Allow Grandparents to remember everyone's of birthday. Husbands, teams and organizations to always remember an anniversary. ICU lets you create a reminder event and get a message by email, text message, Twitter, Youtube and Facebook. You can even attach a photo, file or video. Imagine getting a message with a photo of the correct medication to take at the correct time or a grocery list or a happy birthday or anniversary message or song from those who love you.

    Use ICU to set reminders for events like birthdays, doctor’s appointment, wedding anniversaries, parties, announcements, meetings, graduation or any special event. . Never miss a business meeting again! Doctor's save time by using ICU to remind your patients of their next appointment.

    The ICU App stands for “I See You or I remember you."

    Co-Created by Grace M. Malone and Charles E. Campbell

    ICU App Features:

    * Create, delete or edit a birthday, doctor’s appointment, anniversary, graduation or any event.
    * Add contact details like name, mobile number, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube and email address.
    * Capture and Send a photo and video with the message.
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