Considering the growing rate of crime against women and to make a start in the direction of eradicating/safeguarding against these crimes, 'iEmpower' can prove to be an excellent tool for empowering a woman in times of need.

    iEmpower Features:

    1) One Touch SMS to all Emergency Contacts containing a preconfigured message and present location of the sender (Delhi Police Number preconfigured in Emergency Contact List)

    2) One Touch dial of Preconfigured prominent helpline numbers of Delhi Government Helplines like "181" and helplines of various NGO's working for Women

    3) The cases of harassment, eve teasing are seldom reported to police owing to the amount of effort and hassles involved in going to a police station and thus these crimes go unattended. The USP of this App, a Unique Feature enabling a person to report his/her location and concern anonymously.

    a) This would empower a person to report his/her concern and thus contribute in tackling crime.
    b) A Daily report of concerns and locations mapped to Google Maps will be published on social forums.
    c) This data would also be shared with Delhi Police so that they can do smarter allocation of constant and limited police force and also identify the problem areas on the basis of concerns/location reported.
    d) Also, as this data would be made public, even citizens at their own level can do patrolling of areas in their vicinity if they happen to see concerns being reported from their own localities, thus enabling community policing.