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    Inspirational Christian Quotes

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    Make your belief in Jesus Christ grow stronger
    Is it getting hard to stand strong when everything seems to go wrong?

    Being a good Christian and leading a good Christian life can be a very tough challenge in a world where everything has gone crazy and where the Seven Deadly Sins have become the most powerful rulers. Sometimes, we need something to remind ourselves where we stand and what our beliefs are.
    And modern technology can be a very helpful tool to help us become better, closer to God people.

    “I absolutely loved the words of Jesus Christ on faith” – Gary S.

    This app is more than a set of random quotes. This is TRUE inspiration for life. This is not just ‘Bible Quotes’. This is ‘quotes about life’ and how to overcome obstacles and become a better self. These are the words our Savior, Jesus Christ, has left us with so that we have enough support in our way to His Kingdom.

    Keep this application close to you and you will always be reminded what a wonderful gift God has given us: His Son and His amazing inspirational words. He is the example we have to live after and his advice is our key to Heaven.

    This set of inspirational Bible verses is meant to be like a guide for all Christians. Whenever times get dark, take your smartphone out of the pocket and throw an eye over these words of Jesus and light will come your way. These famous quotes of Jesus Christ are your help in leading a pure life, where Love, Forgiveness, Prayer and Faith are your best friends. And this is a friendship nobody will be able to untie.

    Nobody said being a Christian is easy. Nobody said staying clear of sin and restraining yourself is easy. But that’s where Christianity keeps its secret. That’s what Christianity teaches us all: nothing comes to people without effort. Or at least nothing good comes to people without effort. And there is nothing more enjoyable in the eyes of God than a good Christian who tries hard to live his life well.

    Our Father, God, gave us laws after which we should live our lives. First, He did it through Moses, who brought the 10 commandments to the people of Israel. Then, He sent his Son to save us and bring us the Law of Love. And the New Law never gave up the Old Law: they both walk together for humanity, for us all. And it is all written in the Holy Bible, the Holy Book that stands at the Head of Christianity.

    Do you want to be a better person? The key to it is Bible study. The Bible stories are all written there to help us lead a better life. From the Genesis and Adam and Eve’s original sin to the book of Apocalypse, they all are about God and life. They all have the purpose of teaching us how to deal with people, how to deal with Faith and how to ‘talk’ to God.

    The Christian Church is a Church of the people. It is a Church where how much money you have in your bank account and what social status you have do not matter at all. It is the place where only how much you wish to fulfill God’s will matters. Where even if you sinned, you can be forgiven. Where your friends share the same belief system as you do. Where your family is a great, beautiful and happy one. Where prayers are inspired by the Holy Spirit.

    Download now and have the amazing words of wisdom our Lord Jesus Christ has left us with through his Apostles and their Holy Gospels.

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