If you had a friend in your previous life on another planet – what words or expressions would you choose to make them find you on this planet?

    Intravenous is about finding people and letting others find you. It’s not about staying in touch with them - for that you have email, phone calls, texts and a multitude of apps based on the facebook/twitter concept. We don’t want to compete with that. Our aim is to give you a tool for finding people – the ones you suspect they exist but you have not had a chance to meet.

    Intravenous is about having many faces. You are the owner of those faces but the outside world does not need to know they belong to the same person. So you can be a BDSM fan and have a profile for this and at the same time have an interest in ancient South American tribes and have a separate profile for that. Different personas but one human being behind all of them.

    Intravenous is about being able to communicate with people you normally don’t have access to. You can send them a message without knowing their phone number or email address and without revealing yours. And you can disappear whenever you want - make your profile invisible to the person you don’t like and this person will never find you again. Or you can turn all your profiles off if you feel like being on your own for a while.

    Intravenous is about respecting your privacy. All the information you enter into the system stays in your phone’s memory. We do not keep a big database with all your sensitive data exposed for commercial use. Instead, your phone just shares your information with us for a brief moment when you want others to be able to find you. We do not store your name, phone number or email address - your data is absolutely anonymous. We don’t even ask you to set a password - your physical phone with its unique serial number is the only means of verification we use.

    Intravenous is about you having full control over who has access to your information. You can make your profile public so that everyone can see it. Or you can hide your profile behind a wall of tags – and nobody will see it unless they happen to come up with a tag that matches one of yours. And you can make your tags as difficult to guess as you choose - the system will respect that and for searching it will use nothing else but the tags you’ve defined.

    Intravenous is not about collecting hundreds of “friends” most of whom you actually never meet. Intravenous is about meeting real people in the real world. It’s based on precise geo-location so you’ll be able to connect with people who are geographically close to you.

    Intravenous is not about dating. It can be used for that but definitely this is not its primary purpose.

    Intravenous is about us being alone on this planet. Most of the time your search result is going to be an empty list. What you get from the system largely depends on what you input into it. If you do not know what you are looking for you will find people who do not know this either. But if you do know - we give you a tool that might help you to find people who are as specific as you are.

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