How would you like to tap into the power of the WiFi Network to promote your existing local business? If you answered 'Yes!' then this application is for you.

    The number of public Wi-Fi hotspots is expected to increase by 350 percent in the next four years, as operators look for ways to offload traffic from their mobile networks, according to a report by market research company Informa Telecoms and Media. By 2015 users around the world will be able to connect to 5.8 million public hotspots, Informa wrote in the "Global developments in public Wi-Fi" report, which was commissioned by Wireless Broadband Alliance.
    Theses hotspots are located at restaurants, train stations, airports, military bases, libraries, hotels, hospitals, coffee shops, bookstores, fuel stations, department stores, supermarkets, RV parks and campgrounds, public pay phones, and other public places. Many universities and schools have wireless networks in their campus.

    +Imagine that you’re in your school and create diary news about ourselves or things we find interesting, and immediately spread automatically to all your friends in school. We have created unique social experiences for friend to enjoy together.

    +Imagine that you are cosmetics seller in a commercial center and after your creating sale-off news and immediately all of using WiFi customers in this center receive this from you. As a Seller in today’s market, you should expect nothing more than this, shouldn’t you?

    iSpreader is a writing app for Android which of multimedia news can be broadcasted automatically to other nodes which also installed iSpreader via WiFi Hotspot, is now available in the Android market. These services brings users in speedy, interesting new sharing method through two kinds of multimedia news are Daily news or Advert news (Restaurant, Entertainment, Shopping, Housing, Service) and content of media news includes: Text, Photo or Video, Location information.
    So, let’s build community and enjoy iSpreader!!!

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