Find out whose leisure tour is best and follow it.

    At ItineTours you can see different people’s six favorite tours, which include a morning activity, a meal at their favorite restaurant, an excellent afternoon activity and a great plan for dinner, a night activity you won’t forget and a little secret that you will only know upon arrival in the place where it’s hidden.

    Each person can create a TOUR and update it at any given moment, turning this route into the perfect plan for your free time. (

    You can also follow only a part of someone else’s tour.

    The application locates you on the map and shows you how to get to the places indicated in each tour. When you arrive and check-in, an audio, video or text application goes off, giving you exclusive information.

    Each time someone follows a tour, he or she wins five points in a “Best follower” ranking. And each time someone follows your tour it wins five points in a “Most followed tour” ranking.

    It’s you who recommend the best tours in each city, town or place in the world! Are you ready?