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    Per People's Choice in the 2012 1st Annual National Poll conducted by UFO's & Supernatural Magazine, Rev Claire Braddock is voted in at #16 of the TOP 50 BEST PSYCHICS IN AMERICA!

    UFO's & Supernatural Magazine: "Claire, you are a lovely person and gifted. We received so many emails praising your talent and good character. We were pleased and even amused (In a good way) by a "recommendation" from one lady from Iowa who called you "The Mother Theresa of Psychics." We like people like you!"

    Rev Claire Braddock, HPS C.Ht.
    TRUST CLAIRE™ is an esteemed member of Shay Parker's BEST AMERICAN HEALERS and BEST AMERICAN PSYCHICS. She was voted November 2011 Psychic of the Month and has been featured on CBS Radio with Shay Parker.


    "Claire has been reading for me for 3 years. She is a true psychic and committed professional. She is my top psychic now that Chip Coffey has gone into other areas of his work. I respect her skills and experience as I hope others respect mine in my work. She is always right whether I want to hear it or not. She is guiding me now in a situation that is very difficult for me to see and maneuver through, so I will need her guidance as I travel through it for the next 12 months.I believe her, as hard as it is to believe...
    TRUST Claire! Claire is the one I trusted to tell me the real truth. And she didn't fail me."
    Dee Mesa - Colorado

    "I asked about contact from a guy I like, and Claire saw a number 1, or immediateley...well, I got a private msg from him today, so one day!! (not even, more like 1/2 a day!) :) So happy! Claire is an excellent reader, she does not use cards,so therefore gets right to your question, quickly. She was accurate on what's going on in their relationship, without me saying anything. And she gave timeframes. I will be calling back for sure! Thanks Claire!! Will be talking to you again, soon!! Thanks again!"
    Bridget - New Jersey

    "Claire is amazing! I've been consulting with her for over a year and she has yet to steer me in the wrong direction. She doesn't tell you what you want to hear. She's honest and helped me put things in perspective. Her predictions have all come true. She truly has a gift. She's awesome! Don't waste your money on anyone else! Thanks Claire!!"
    Jules - Texas

    "I've been working with Claire for over a year now. Claire is very fast and accurate. She picks up on every detail and answers every question.She provides clarity & confirmation to the things I already know. She is accurate, friendly, professional and caring Thanks for another great reading. FANTASTIC and SUPER!!"
    Kristy C. - Louisiana

    "Hi Claire, you are fantastic! My name is Teresa. You keep popping up each time I ask a question about my mother. I tuned into your show and without calling or chatting you picked up on my mother-in-law. Just started going on about her. Maybe you remember. 87 year old female, said I had the carpet pulled out from under me. Louise is my mother-in-law. Eleanor is my mother. Both crossed. I was totally blown away. WOW! Impressive. Your wonderful. I can not wait to tune in today. I look forward to seeing you tonight! I am sure you can tune into my mother. My mother would only use a trusted source. Hand delivered as usual. Thanks Mom! You have my greatest respect for you and your devine gift."

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