Jyotish Guru Lite - a tool for jyotishi. Jyotish Guru Lite has very basic functionality to draw North-style Rasi varga (natal chart - diamond style) for specified date, time and place of native birth and to show day and night hora's, tithi and moon phase for specified date.

    * input date,time and place of birth manually
    * save/load date,time and place of birth to/from .JHD files (Jagannatha Hora)
    * show Rasi varga (natal chart in a north or diamond style)
    * easely rotate Rasi varga by finger
    * show extra info like day/night hora's, sun rise and set, tithi and moon phase
    * vimsottary dasa
    * ability to open .jhd files from browser (you can open files from Google Drive storage, etc)

    Jyotish Guru Lite is initially intended to be a personal tool for me, but I'll glad if you find it usefull for yourself. I'm planning to extend JGuru functionality periodically, therefore please vote for new functionality, request new features and comment existing features on web site

    JGuruLite grahas longitudes matches Jagannatha Hora longitudes up to minutes of arc.
    Due to not exact match for Moon position (about minute of arc) the vimsottary dasa dates differs (some days for Maha Dasa) from the same dates computed in Jagannatha Hora.

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