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    ‘JOLUO’ Mobile App targets the Luo’s and their extended families in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, South Sudan, Ethiopia and DR Congo. We are all sons and daughters of the larger Luo family be it Joluo (Kenya and Tanzania), Acholi (Uganda), Alur (Uganda DR Congo), Lango (Uganda), Kumam(Uganda), Jopadhola (Uganda), Anuak (Ethiopia), Jumjum (South Sudan), Shilluk (South Sudan), Pari (South Sudan) and Thuri (South Sudan).

    Unknown circumstances made us migrate from Bar El Ghazal, Sudan to our respective destinations in Kenya, Tanzania, South Sudan, Ethiopia and DR Congo, but we still share the same language, same names, same traditions, same culture, same music, same warrior attitudes etc. What’s amazing is that even after 500 + years of settling in different parts of East Africa, our languages didn’t change quite much. All the Luo sub-groups sound the same and the languages are 90% to 95% similar. The slight difference is due to picking up new words as our ancestors conquered and intermarried with the smaller tribes along our path to Lake Victoria. It’s a known fact that we are good warriors and that’s the reason why our ancestors experienced little resistance from the tribes along our way. This has translated to modern day where the Luo’s are known to be the best sportsmen and sports women in their respective Countries be it Rugby (Kenya), Football (Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania), Cricket (Kenya) etc. The Luo’s are also quite clever based on the statistics of the Engineers, Lawyers, Doctors etc in each and every Country we settled in. Must be the Omena, Mbuta and Ngenge doing their magic no matter where we go be it America (Amerka), Britain (Loka) etc., we are successful in one way or another.

    This App aims to make the proud Luo’s get to know more about their history. It shows which countries and regions we inhabit, our leaders over the years from ‘Jakogelo’ in the White House (USA), ‘Agwambo Tinga’ gini tek manade ni, yawa gin tek manadeni (Kenya) to Milton Obote (Uganda). Get to know your leaders. The App also has photos of our folks from when we first came into contact with the British to now, Luo food (wahero rech emomiyo wariek), the best football team in East and Central Africa i.e. Gor Mahia (Kogaloooo Gooooor Gooooor Mahia, Kogaloooo Gooooor timbe duto ywakni). Get to know about your music and watch the videos too from GidiGidi MajiMaji (Kenya), D.O. Misiani (Tanzania), Obol Simple Man (Uganda), Lual Thiong (South Sudan) to Okoth Omot (Ethiopia)

    If you are that LUO in Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Ethiopia, DR Congo etc., who wants to get to know more about their culture, then download this free App i.e. ‘JOLUO’, because all the necessary things are a button click away.
    Med uru mawaidha on what you want added to the App JOLUO! Nyasaye ogwedhu …

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