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    This free application can give you more economic lamps for you here. You can calculate energy saving after grading your incandescent lamps to more effective light bulbs. This free application can help you to have suitable lamps for your home or office. It can also save energy and money.


    This eco lamp application is totally free for Android phones.

    You can get access to different choices of lamps and get energy saving results.

    This free application has a beautiful user interface and can bring you a lot of meaningful experience.


    You should press “new” button to add your more effective lamps as you wish. Different circumstances may need different lamps. They may be different in type and energy costing. You should choose some lamps according to your need.

    These are something from Wikipedia for you to know beforehand:

    A led lamp is a solid-state lamp that uses light-emitting diodes as the source of light. Most led lamps must also include internal circuits to operate from standard AC voltage. Led lamps offer long life and high efficiency, but initial costs are higher than those of fluorescent lamps.

    A fluorescent lamp is a gas-discharge lamp that uses electricity to excite mercury vapor. The excited mercury atoms produce short-wave ultraviolet light than then causes a phosphor to fluoresce, producing visible light. A fluorescent lamp concerts electrical power into useful light more efficiently than an incandescent lamp.

    The incandescent lamp is a source of electric light that works by incandescence. An electric lamp is a source of electric light that works by incandescence. An electric current passes through a thin filament, heating it to a temperature that produces light. About 90% energy spent on heating instead of light production.

    In this application you can choose the number and the energy of any kind of three lamps. If you want more, you should add new choices until you get enough for your home or office. In order to know the output of your lamps, you can also get detailed information. Till the end of new lamps simultaneous work time will be saved energy, thus avoid emission of carbon dioxide and avoid clogging with broken lamps. Also you can get saved money here.

    There are setting, supply and about buttons for you here. Setting can delay to 1 min before the screen turns off automatically. Supply button is available to you if you want give us 5 stars. You can also get more free applications in about button.

    This application can support to calculate energy saving by your lamps upgrading. You may have to choose what you need and get maximum of money and energy saving. This free application can be installed on Android mobile phone and tablet. Download this application Lamp Upgrade for free now!