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    *Lascivious Tales* ~ LT Thoughts

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    There is so much going on in our society and we all have our thoughts and opinions about it all. Our Thoughts are derived by what’s going on and our thoughts/opinions are from what we’ve been taught, our moral and values, our surroundings, environment, influences by peers, what we intake from tv; movies, books, social media etc. Still rarely two people who have been brought up pretty much the same may still perceive something differently. Yours!!!

    When I find an interesting topic, story whether is current in the news or not, I’ll share that story and add my thoughts to it. There is no telling which direction the tales will go but I would like to give some knowledge with them. Sometimes exploring the subject more, giving readers more of a understanding of what it’s really about. Educating and Entertaining.

    LT Thoughts are mine (unless someone us post under their name), my thoughts. You don’t have to agree, I know perfectly well some won’t it’s fine to disagree. Please share your comment and thoughts about the various topics. I’m sure I could learn something for you.


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